Friday, May 3, 2013

How To Save, Store & Use Egg Shells in the Garden: Organic Calcium

There are many ways to utilize the Calcium in egg shells, I'm sure. This method that is described here is our way.

We like the idea of the egg shells being "cooked" before use just in case there would be any "nasties" on the shells. In general I'm not extremely concerned about germs, bacteria or viruses... but sometimes I figure it's better to err on the side of caution. Cooking the shells should kill all the offenders so that when we use the shells we aren't risking illness by handling them.

Tomato plants love a little extra Calcium. Lucky for us egg shells are just that. By following the steps in this video you will have ample supply of fine Calcium powder to use in the garden.

Another use for the Calcium is for feeding right back to the chickens. They need the Calcium to continue healthy egg production. I've heard it said that too much Calcium can be as bad as not enough. To prevent getting too much in the diet of the chickens put the ground up shells in a separate feed container and let the chickens eat it as they need it.

For my chickens, I like to sprinkle the egg shells on cooked oatmeal with some plain yogurt added. They only get this treat a couple of times per month so I'm not worried too much about a Calcium over dose.

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